Adventure awaits.

The hunt festable of the 4 elements.

You start out at the village of Fenworth, the day before there 4 day Autumn festable of the hunt.
The hunt itself is linked to the four elements. Fire/air/water and earth. each day is set aside to one of the elements. Day 1 fire day 2 air day 3 water and day 4 earth. Also there is 4 amulets that must be collected each one with a different symbol related to one of the 4 elements.

There is also a pie eating contest at the bear pit tavern, run by Rickul woodsheart.

There is arhery a tug of war contest, arm wresling and games of chance being run at the festable.
(The hunters guild is funding the festable.)

The whole festable is being run by fenworths village elders. The night before the festable there is a big feast and a ritual that the hunters must go through. For fire the characters must walk bear footed across hot coals. Water its a swim to a large rock and back. For earth its a mud wresling contest. For air its walking a tight rope, with safty net. At the other end of the tight rope they must blow a horn.

Also all the hunters gets a blessing from the village priest.
The hunt its self comprises of 4 hunt teams of 4.

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